Welcome to the Broken Drum Records website. We’re a netlabel dedicated to creating and promoting excellent, globally-influenced bass-driven music.

We wish to introduce our listeners to musical forms that have roots outside of the UK and USA, to rhythms other than 4/4 time and to tuning systems other than the standard Western tempered tuning used in all pop, rock, classical music and electronica. However, we don’t do this for the sake of it and some of our tunes are within those constrictions.

Broken Drum Records is the home of Secret Archives of the Vatican, Thousand Yard Prayer and Tyrantbane.

Thousand Yard Prayer released an eight track album called Golden Section on Netlabel Day 14 July 2016.

Tyrantbane released a four track album called Flame on Netlabel Day 14 July 2016.

About Secret Archives of the Vatican

‘CAUTION! DO NOT TURN UP THE BASS – your face will melt off your skull.’
Tom Gregory, drummer

‘It is one of the most solid bands in the whole scene, usually compared with Sub Swara or Chase and Status…’
Tropical Bass

‘…sounds that are pretty much in a world of their own.’
Generation Bass

‘Reminds me of the scatty Dutch breakcore that used to make Mumma Splooge hit the living room ceiling with a pool cue, but yet mellow enough to be able to enjoy it without the aid of horse tranquillisers.’

Head to bbc.co.uk/introducing, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

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